ASICMiner Tube 800+ GHs SHA256 Bitcoin Miner


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Product Description

1 ASICMiner Controller for up to 8 Units Not Included

ASICMiner Tube 800 GHs SHA256 Bitcoin Miner

The ASICMiner Tube features 4 hashing boards each with 24 BE200 generation
3 chips, arranged around a central aluminium core. Lightweight stands at each end allow the units to be stacked and 8 miners can be daisy chained onto one
controller (Sold Seperately). The entire design is extremely efficient and will be the new staple in mining.
Chips    96x ASICMiner Gen3
Hashrate    ~830GH, 920GH (OC)
Rated Voltage    12V
Rated Current    75A
Power.Consumption    ~900W, 1025W (OC)

What you get in the package:

1 ASIC Miner Tube

Required / Not Included:

1 ASICMiner Controller for up to 8 Units
1 Power Supply Unit 1200 Watts Recommended

ASICMiner Tubes do not come with a power supply, and you will need a typical computer PSU with 8xPCI-E 6 pin power connectors. Strictly only 4 PCI-E connectors are
required at stock speeds, however it will reduce cable temperatures by utilizing all 8.

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 9 x 9 in


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